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The GHMB guarantee plan is an effective inspection program that goes well beyond existing standards. To find out more, visit our website!

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Be the sought-after and recognized guarantee plan throughout the industry and with the general public because of its thoroughness in the selection of its contractors and become THE quality seal.

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Offer all new Quebec condo buyers reliable and honest contractors that meet the industry’s highest selection and verification criteria.

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- Offer the general public an organization that secures its investment when purchasing a property;

- Implement a quality performance control and risk management system to guarantee high-quality constructions;

- Provide peace of mind through exemplary service both for the contractor and condo owner.

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Since 1999, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) has developed a regulation regarding the mandatory imposition of guarantee programs for the construction of new buildings (residential and condominiums). The APECQ then launched its mandatory guarantee program for the residential sector, which it named Garantie Maîtres Bâtisseurs (GMB). It stood out from other plans by its impartiality and concern for emphasizing construction excellence.

With the success of this guarantee plan at the turn of the 21st century, many contractors were interested in launching an optional guarantee plan. This strategy opened up the market and gave contractors a new competitive alternative. In 2014, GMB executives formally decided to launch GHMB, the Garantie Habitation des Maîtres Bâtisseurs Inc.

A few years later, while results were more than satisfactory, a sales opportunity came up for shareholders. The mandatory guarantee plan was then sold to a competitor while GHMB was purchased by the APECQ.

The Garantie des Maîtres Bâtisseurs, GHMB, is now recognized by contractors wishing to execute high-quality condo projects that meet the highest levels of construction. These contractors are committed to excellence and compliance with environmental and energy efficiency standards. GHMB is definitely a guarantee of quality.