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The GHMB guarantee plan is an effective inspection program that goes well beyond existing standards. To find out more, visit our website!

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The GHMB team attaches great importance to after-sales service. In order to offer you a service that meets your expectations, we take care of your file, we follow up with the contractor and we are listening to you.

  • Superior construction quality

  • Exemplary customer service

  • Keep peace of mind

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The GHMB warranty plan offers condo owners protection to secure their investment. The property will therefore be protected against the completion of the work, the wrong way as well as hidden defects.


Coverage in increments of $30,000 to $100,000 on progress payments made to the contractor under the current contract.


All condo construction work planned upon signing the contract will be executed in such a way as to meet all requirements. As such, the work completion provision protects you from unfinished or noncompliant work.


The GHMB guarantee plan protects you from any work in your condo that may have been completed incorrectly or that may not meet applicable standards.  


The GHMB guarantee covers the repair of all serious hidden construction defects when they are discovered in the first year following the reception of your condo.


The GHMB guarantee plan includes the repair of design, construction and execution defects, which are visible or appear within five (5) years of taking possession of your condo.

100% satisfaction

To ensure the complete satisfaction of the new condo owner, GHMB can conduct a final inspection on the condominium projects before the owner takes possession of the condo. This inspection will be completed by the contractor and consumer from a list of pre-established components to verify. Furthermore, the GHMB guarantee plan can be transferred if and when the property is resold.

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Our Projects


Un nouveau projet de condominiums et de penthouses situé à LaSalle.

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U-Bahn Condos par Urbania

Un endroit où il fait bon vivre, travailler et relaxer.

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Projet luxueux Symphonie Viu

Découvrez le tout nouveau projet de condos luxueux construit par le Groupe de Sociétés Westcliff.

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Les Cours Bellerive3

Un projet de condos et de maisons de ville qui redéfinit l’équilibre naturel entre la ville et les grands espaces.

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Bishop Ambassade

Projet de condos neufs à vendre, dans Ville-Marie, à Montréal, au cœur du centre-ville.

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Signature Bois-Franc

Un projet signature aux prestations de grande qualité

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Un milieu de vie lumineux au cœur de ville-marie est, à un pas du métro Frontenac

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Trois tours à condo d'une qualité optimale construites à Mirabel

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  • What is the GHMB guarantee coverage?

  • How much does the GHMB guarantee plan costs?

  • If a difficult situation arises with a contractor, how can GHMB help me?

  • Will I have a document certifying the guarantee coverage and the contractor’s commitment?

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